Book Scanners


The Konica Minolta PS5000C MKII is a fast book scanner that was designed to provide flexible color scanning of books and 3-D objects up to 2" high. It offers simple face-up scanning to protect fragile bindings and pages.

You can count on Konica Minolta and the PS5000C MKII fast book scanner to give you a safe, cost-effective way to scan, digitize and share the content of your color publications. Books, magazines, scientific manuals, historical materials and artwork can all be preserved and shared in full color, without damage to brittle pages or fragile bindings.

MS7000 MK II

You can count on Konica Minolta to deliver a superior system for color scanning and digitizing. The PS7000C MKII scanner for books is perfect for large-sized books and other bound materials, with face-up scanning that protects valuable originals.

The Konica Minolta PS7000C MKII is a fast and convenient scanner for books, magazines, ledger volumes, archival documents, legal and financial records, artwork, sheet music, maps, graphics, and 3-D objects. It offers new enhancements for higher scan speed, improved fine-line reproduction, evenly balanced density and ICC profile support for exceptional color and uniform contrast. Plus, face-up scanning protects bindings and fragile pages by eliminating the need to lift, rotate or readjust the original: for multi-page scans, just turn the page.

Last Updated - 10/2/2012
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