The Industriever vertical carousel increases productivity in high pick-and-put situations as much as 125%. Ideal for small parts assembly lines, inventory storage, work-in-process and warehousing, its fingertip delivery within seconds saves time and reduces operator fatigue.

  • Electronic Control Panel: Integrated microprocessor controls choose shortest route to selected shelf.
  • Maximum load per carrier of 600 lbs
  • Upper and lower safety bar
  • Infra-red safety eyes
  • Safety status panel
  • Optional full width fluorescent light
  • Four-point tracking in the arc allows for maximum carrier support
  • Freestanding end frame allows greater unit payload capacity
  • Variable Speed DC drive allows optimum efficiency
  • Handcrank allows manual operation of the unit
  • Allows maximum throughput with minimum effort, thus increasing operator efficiency.
  • Can handle up to twice the imbalance capability of comparable products.
  • Overspeed controls and disc brakes provide increased operator safety.
  • Locked units protect materials from unauthorized access and provide greater security.

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Last Updated - 10/1/2012
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