Movable Shelving Systems

Kompakt Electronically Controlled Movable Shelving ranks as the industry's premier system with a range of options unmatched by any other comparable system. Designed for easy operation, the system offers total versatility to match your filing system to your exact operating needs, space availability and budget. Kardex can also provide software to allow interfacing of your existing computer system with Kompakt Movable Shelving, further enhancing productivity and speeding file retrieval. Before you invest, compare...

  • Four different motor options to satisfy specific load requirements as cost efficiently as possible.
  • Choice of security options to restrict unauthorized access to the entire system or to any single aisle.
  • Electronic control options ranging from simple single-button operation to a more sophisticated combination of buttons and key-locks.
  • A wide variety of standard and optional safety features to guarantee operator safety.
  • Accommodates virtually any media with single-and double-faced ranges up to 100 feet or longer.
  • Entire system UL listed.

Police department case evidence storage

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Last Updated - 10/1/2012
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