Content Management Solutions

The EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender family allows you to quickly capture, organize, and deliver fixed-content images, documents, reports, and other business-critical information. Built on a central repository, ApplicationXtender can perform high-speed image capture and storage. You'll quickly access information from a universal desktop interface, enabling greater control over business documents, enhancing the quality of decisions, increasing customer service levels, and improving employee productivity.

Collect, Manage and Deliver Information

The intuitive, user-friendly software tool for document imaging and management that lets you organize, store, and retrieve scanned documents and other objects on workstations running Windows platforms.

High-Volume Batch Scanning & Indexing

EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender Image Capture provides fast and efficient batch-scanning capabilities for EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender. Your organization will effortlessly accomplish high-volume document capture.

  • Flexible configuration
  • Full-featured batch-scan and index
  • Multiple workstations
ApplicationXtender Web Access

Web Access to Content and Storage

EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender Web Access provides an efficient, inexpensive browser client for EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender. You will be able to retrieve, view, and manage documents using a standard Web browser.

  • Internet/intranet access to content
  • Web infrastructure standards
  • Comprehensive content display
  • Robust, flexible security

Last Updated - 10/1/2012
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