NetLabels is the first and leading Internet-based solution for label printing and document management, offering an endless array of label designs, forms, and printing options. New types of labels that were never before cost-effective can be created on your existing PC's and low-cost ink-jet and laser printers. Label designs containing images, graphics, logos, bar-codes, color-coded indexes, and many other features have already been developed. NetLabels can be customized to support your specific label printing needs, across all your sites and staff members, without installing any label printing software. NetLabels runs in your Web browser, letting you access the label printing capabilities you need from anywhere, any time. NetLabels offers unprecedented flexibility and simplicity.

Label Styles

NetLabels supports combinations of label elements including:

Any number of color bars per label

Narrow or wide color bars

Alphabetic and Numeric characters - black, white, or color-coded

Bar-codes for computer-readable labels

Images, photographs, logos, clip-art and other graphical elements

Year bars, date indexes, retention indicators, calendar grids, and other time oriented elements

Data imported from files, spreadsheets, and databases - names, addresses, telephone numbers, social security numbers, policy numbers, account numbers, and origination/tracking information

NetLabels offers on demand printing of both basic and advanced label designs incorporating images, photographs, logos, bar-codes, color-coded indexes, and other sophisticated features. The label content can be entered by keyboard or acquired electronically through file transfers (e.g. electronic mail) or real-time access to your critical computer applications. The advanced graphical user interface (GUI) allows you to preview labels as you create them, before printing.

NetLabels runs in a Web Browser from a public or internal Web server. No need to load ANY label printing software on your PC - the latest release of NetLabels is always available. NetLabels supports advanced browser security features, including Object Signing certificates.

NetLabels allows you to incorporate images into your labels cleanly and easily - any images - clipart, photos, scanned images, logos, and graphics from millions of Web sites ... anywhere.

Give everyone in your organization access to the all the types of labels needed to manage critical documents and keep your filing systems up-to-date. Increase the information content of each label with color, graphics, bar-codes and other flexible features. Customize your labels to maximize productivity, eliminate mis-filing, and simplify document tracking.

Commercial Features

You know that the design of a filing system can have dramatic operational impacts. Label content and design can directly impact document mis-filings, tracking, retention, and retrieval time. NetLabels maximizes the use of vision in the filing of documents and folders, simplifying the filing and retrieval process for maximum productivity.

Graphical content on the label itself clearly links the file to the subject matter. Bar-codes and label indexes increase the level of integration between the filing system and other critical computer information systems. Even higher levels of process integration can be achieved with NetLabels by creating customized software interfaces linking key business processes and systems with on-demand label generation.

NetLabels offers features commonly used in commercial settings, as well as innovative features, including:

  • bar-codes with text
  • multiple indexing by:
  • document type
  • time period
  • organizational unit
  • geographical region
  • visual subject matter identification using logos, images, and photographs
  • standard and custom label designs
  • retention schedule standards imposed at time of record creation
  • document types represented by bar-code for life cycle management

There are no limits to the types of labels possible with NetLabels . If you can imagine it, NetLabels can put it on a label.

Image/Subject Labels

NetLabels maximizes the use of vision, versus thought, in the filing process. This means efficiency.

NetLabels offers pictures to depict graphically the subject matter being stored in the file folder.

NetLabels runs on a standard PC and is compatible with a wide array of standard printers, including low-cost color ink-jets and photo printers.

NetLabels is bar-code enabled to allow links to your production databases. They can be used to identify unique index criteria which match database identifiers. The resulting paper-to-computer integration eliminates human error.

NetLabels offers powerful features creating infinite choices for customized filing systems. Images, bar-codes, color-coded indexes, and unique visual features are all easy to implement.

Print Job

If you need to print multiple pages of documents, they must be organized into one or more print jobs. If you have multiple printers available, each job can be sent to a different printer. One print job can be canceled without affecting other print jobs. Each print job is handled by your operating system features which support printing functions.

There are 4 types of print jobs that can be developed in NetLabels :

  • Numeric Ranges (Numeric Label Styles Only) - one or more contiguous ranges of numbers, with each label assigned a specific slot in the sequence. Sequence numbers are printed sequentially across each page, page after page.
  • List - a list of individual sequence numbers that do not form a contiguous range (often used for re-prints)
  • File - label data is read from a text file, which may be derived from a database or spreadsheet. Typically, one label is printed for each line in the text file.
  • Production - the pages in a production job are arranged so that labels can be cut into stacks, typically 100 labels in each stack. The labels are printed so that each stack of 100 pages can be cut into several stacks of sequentially numbered labels for automated application by machine.

Color Matching on Various Print Models

NetLabels communicates with a printer by sending it a description of each page to be printed. Colors are specified using RGB values - a set of three numbers representing the Red, Green, and Blue components of each desired color.

Many printers on the market today do not support color matching features. In particular, most low cost ink-jet printers do not offer useful color matching features. As a result, different models of printers receiving a request for the same RGB color value may produce labels with very different color variations. Even if the printers are from the same manufacturer, color matching may not be acceptable across different models.

NetLabels offers a special color swatch print utility which allows you to print out color swatches on any printer. Every NetLabels label design can be customized to include a primary and secondary color mapping, in case you need to print labels on two different printers, but want identical colors.

Last Updated - 10/1/2012
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