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ApplicationXtender/AppEnhancer customers

June 13, 2022 – Revolution Data Systems (RDS) and Shell Office Systems today announced that the companies have entered into a definitive agreement under which Revolution Data Systems will acquire Shell Office Systems’ OpenText ApplicationXtender/AppEnhancer business unit.

Under the terms of the agreement, RDS will provide day-forward software support and professional services to clients utilizing ApplicationXtender/AppEnhancer. Shell Office Systems will continue to provide signature service to these clients for hardware support, filing systems, document conversion, and other related products and services.

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Prior to the digital age, microfilm was the standard for document preservation. Now, thanks to ST Imaging’s ViewScan 4, government employees, historians, students, researchers and businesses can bring these documents to life as easily as making a copy. Advances in computers and software allow this innovative microfilm scanner to instantly display high-resolution images, making browsing fast and easy. The ViewScan 4 can view and enhance all microforms, roll microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, jackets, micro cards and even color slides. In addition, with its advanced hardware and all-new, user-friendly software, the ViewScan 4 becomes an invaluable asset to any institution that needs to retrieve information from their archival documents in digital form.


We offer a full range of check-capture solutions, including Point of Sale, Check and Page Scanners. Full-featured multifunction devices, featuring check and ID card scanning, cashier’s check printing and integrated thermal receipt printing - all in one compact device. Other features include a mag stripe reader (MSR), plus an LCD screen for quick, easy access to device and maintenance status. Backed by Shell Office Systems comprehensive service and support.


We offer a full line of internationally acclaimed CANON DR scanners. Equipped with industry standard ISIS and TWAIN drivers, imageFORMULA scanners provide optimal performance and easy integration with many third-party software applications for both check and document scanning. Other bundled software for select scanners can assist in business card scanning as well as file archiving, retrieval, sharing, and much more.


Times-2™ is a compact storage cabinet system which rotates for fast access from either side and gives double the depth for more multimedia storage. Unlike ordinary lateral files, the special rotary storage cabinet design takes space planning to a whole new level. You can save space, divide space, and place Times-2™ where no ordinary lateral cabinet can go. These versatile units can provide storage for items such as: Files in three styles (hanging, end tab, and top tab), binders, DVDs and CDs, office supplies, coats and personal items. Combining the storage capacity of a 4-drawer lateral business shelving unit with the efficiency and versatility of a 7-tier adjustable rotating shelving unit, Times-2 metal shelving units represent the wave of the future.


Unlike traditional stationary shelves, moveable shelving units are mounted onto a carriage and rail system that moves back and forth and/or side to side, enabling you to store much more in half the floor space. A mobile storage system will help you get organized, reduce safety hazards, and improve employee morale and productivity.


Paper documents will never go away so there will always be a place in business for hard copy filing solutions and Shell Office Systems can help you with your particular needs. Whether it's color coded file folders, custom dividers or internet printed labels we can provide the products you require.



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For businesses and government agencies with large paper archives, Shell Office System's document conversion services can create instant-access digital files, searchable and sortable so that converted documents can be retrieved with just a click. We handle every aspect of the document scanning project, starting with a no-cost survey, pick-up and delivery, to preparation, scanning, and record return or destruction.


Stop wasting time searching through flat drawers, tubes, and hangings. Eliminate the wasted space required to store these bulky items which are seldom looked at. We can convert your oversized documents, such as blue prints or engineering drawings, to digital files. Our staff is very knowledgeable about the requirements to properly operate our imaging equipment, and able to meet the needs of supplying the optimum capture of your originals. We offer gray-scale, color, and black and white scanning options that can be delivered in PDF, JPEG, tiff, or any other file format you specify.


Shell Office Systems offers non-destructive digitization of bound books, bringing limited availability information to the masses. These books can be electronically archived, made searchable and optimized for the internet, and made available for print-on-demand. Our State-of-the-art technology ensures consistent page positioning and outstanding type integrity while maintaining or enhancing the quality of photographs and illustrations.


Enjoy the benefits of converting your microfilm inventory to digital image files. You can reduce your storage space, more easily share your data with others, find that your retrieval & viewing of key documents using your PC is faster and easier, and have greater control of secure access to documents, files, and images.
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Since 1973 Shell Office Systems has provided content management solutions, service and support for business, institutions, industry and government in North Florida and Southeast Georgia.

Our services include consultation, sales, installation, service and support using the latest technology to insure reliable solutions for our customers needs. Solutions range from automated paper based systems and digital micrographics scanners to digital document management solutions.

Additionally, we also provide integration, training and conversion services by our certified software and hardware support staff. Our service department can service and repair most existing micrographics and movable shelving products.

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